Top 10 Fascinating facts about Cancer

By | August 26, 2022

We all know how devastating cancer can be and the effects that it can have on the person suffering from it and at the same time, on the fellow people who are related to the person suffering. This is for certain that there are a lot of fascinating facts about cancer and this thing needs to be dealt with utmost care if we have any chance of getting an upper – hand on the disease. The basic features that will help us in our fight against the disease are exercise, eating healthy, getting regular check – ups, etc. It is extremely for us to know the facts about Cancer straights as even the simplest and the smallest ones can really help!

Top 10 Fascinating facts about Cancer

1. The Unwilling Pedophile

This is something that can really be extremely disastrous in so cases. The fact that we are4 talking about in this section is quite un – nerving and moving. This can happen to any man who is suffering from a tumor in the brain. Specifically, if the tumor is in around the pituitary gland, there is an unchecked growth and the person starts doing things that one must never do under normal circumstances. There is no way you can prevent the person from feeling and doing those stuffs unless you have removed the tumor from his or her head!

2. Tasmanian Devils

We are not the only ones who suffer from this pathetic disease of Cancer, there are many animals that also bear the pain of going through this deadly disease. The worst affected animal is the Tasmanian devil. This Australian Animal was diagnosed with the disease in the year 1996 and since then there have been numerous case of Cancer in Tasmanian Devils being registered! The pity is the fact that in most of the cases registered for the Tasmanian Devils, it is 100% fatal. The rate at which the cases of cancer for the Tasmanian Devils are coming up, it is expected that there will be a complete wipe out by the year 2035.

3. Dwarfism

Dwarfism is the situation when the person is not able to grow in his stature because of the fact that his body does not have enough liberation of the growth hormones. Well, it is not always the same case. In some recent analysis, it has been seen that there are certain issues with hormones but not with their production. According to a genetic mutation, called Laron Syndrome, The hormones are produced in the right proportions, but the body is incapable of using it! The most Fascination fact is that it is a form of Cancer as well!

4. Triangle of Death

Well, this triangle is one that most of the people of Italy hate and fear at the same time. This is the very reason why, it is named the Triangle of Death. This is because of the many cases of Leukemia that is found between three places, namely, Acerra, Nola, and Marigliano. These three places occur in a triangle and are extremely prone to sinister activities from the gangsters and all the other sort of stuff! Many people living in the place have already suffered from altered DNA as well! The main cause of this condition is the illegal dump sites that are spread all over the countryside!

5. Teratomas

Wellness, Cancer can just be defined as a form of Mutation; Teratomas are one of the most horrifying kind of Cancer that can happen to a human. This occurs only in females, as they are the ones who can carry a baby. Teratomas are a kind of Cysts that is caused due to some alteration during the development of the embryo! Although there is no specific growth experienced, the Teratomas are often found to be having hairs and nails, etc.

6. Flash Photography

More often than not, you must have seen your own pictures that show that you are looking on towards the photographer, but a pair of eyes that looks like the ones from the devil. Bright Red, but believe me or not there is a type of Cancer in which there happens to be one eye in the red form and the other in the normal form. This fascinating form of Cancer is termed as retinoblastoma or leukocria. There are many treatments for the disease, but the best and the most fruitful one is the complete removal of the eye!

7. Susan G. Komen

Susan G. Komen, which is a world famous organization working for the cure of Breast Cancer in men, is essentially one of the most controversially attached organizations to the disease of Cancer. The Pink Ribbon, which is the logo of the organization, is said to be used by the companies that fund the schemes for the organization. In turn, the companies use it to build on the revenue. This is a fascinating fact that how companies are building on their revenues with a disease like cancer!

8. Warren Zevon

Warren Zevon is the man who created some brilliant music and at the same time, took enough efforts to create awareness among the people about cancer. He collaborated with many people to get his job done. However, the sad part is that this man he was diagnosed with Cancer in the abdomen in the year 2002. He died in August 2003 just two weeks later his grandsons created and released their 1st Music.

9. E – Cigarettes

There have been many thoughts about finding alternatives to the threat of Cigarettes. Out of all the options, the proposal by e – cigarettes seem to be the most promising. The main idea behind e – cigarettes is the fact that it functions by vaporizing the liquid that has nicotine mixed in it! The main benefit comes from the fact that there is literally no carcinogens present. The main thing going through your body is just water Vapor. Still, there are many Controversies related to the entity.

10. Michael Douglas

This veteran actor was diagnosed with Throat Cancer in the year 2010. He made a research of his own and found out that most of the cases of Throat cancer is not due to smoking as in his case. The main reason is the HPV, which is transmitted to the body when a person is having Oral Sex. The HPV is also accounted for Cancers like Cervical Cancer, Ovarian Cancer, etc.!

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