Top 10 Bizarre Science Experiments

By | August 30, 2022

The reason that we are the best living species that exists on earth is the reason that we have the capability to think, the ability of reasoning, the character to endure failure and most importantly the wish to know more about everything. Frankly speaking these are the characteristics that exist in the few nominal people around whom the world lives, creates and gets one step forward at a time. Not it is the case that we experiment and the results that come out are up to our wishes. The case is not so even keeping in mind the fact that we are the ones who are planning and executing. This is where in most of the failed cases the things go somewhat wrong. Our wish to know more not only makes us to go for things that are beyond our grasp or at times we also think that we can discover different things by thinking in different ways and all. In this issue, I will discuss about the top 10 bizarre science experiments done by humans seeking what is still a bigger question.

Top 10 Bizarre Science Experiments

1. Hanging Study

This was something done by the Romanian Forensic Scientist named Nicolas Minovici who had ordered his fellow men to pull him up while he was hanging by the neck on a rope until his feet were two meters above the ground. The sole reason for conduction the experiment was the fact the Nicolas Minovici wanted to know and feel the mechanisms that one went through when hanged.

2. A study to feel to How does it feel to be in bed for one year

In the year 1986, 11 men who administered a wish to have a long sleep went to the bed and did not get up for the next 370 days. The event in Moscow is by far the longest time spent by any living human in bed. The reason for conducting this experiment is not yet clear to me as might be the case for many other people.

3. Controlled bullfighting

Have you ever thought of a case where you would be able to control a bull in case of a bull fighting match? Well, this is what Jose Delgado, A Spanish Neurologist from the Yale University tried to achieve. The reasons for such a weird experiment are still confusing to many people.

4. Schizophrenics treatment with Spider Webs

You might have seen many films that involve a schizophrenic patient but you will never have seen that the patient has been diagnosed with schizophrenia by throwing his urine on a spider web. One of the most ridiculous medical experiments that might just have yielded nothing else the method would have still been in use.

5. Sensible words vs. Non sensible

This one of the most interesting experiments that was once done in the year of 1970 when a brilliant actor and a speaker went on saying everything that did not have the slightest of meanings. But the manner in which he spoke was simply outstanding and made the speakers clap. The conclusion that was drawn from the experiment was that it is more what people see than what they7 hear.

6. Three Jesuses

During the year of 1959 there were three people who pushed themselves as imposters by Jesus. All there were brought in at the State Psychiatric Clinic at Ypsilanti. As a part of the treatment all three were asked to prove their authenticity. All three proved the others flawed and themselves right. The conclusion is still not clear.

7. Asking to go to bed

During the summer of the year 1978, a man went around asking women to get to bed with him. What happened to the man is not yet known but the other result that about a year later a woman did the same. Hope everyone known what happened then.

8. Drugs on Good Friday

In the year of 1962, Walter Pahnke gave a few mind changing drugs for a few people. On that eventful day, the lives of those people completely changed with some of them even becoming priests 25 years later.

9. How did Jesus Die?

This has been a question that has been going through the ranks for long! Many people seriously wish to know what happened exactly to Jesus after crucifixion. So pathologist Frederick Zugibe built a cross and hung volunteers on it to study the aftermaths.

10. Real Dog Vs Robot Dog

This was something quite that was one sided. How can you actually allow a real dog with a small robot dog. This experiment was done in order to examine the reactions of the real dog. The reactions were pretty clear but the condition of the robot dog needs not to be mentioned.

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