First Date Tips: 9 Date Tips Help You ‌Fix Second Date

By | August 2, 2022

First Date Tips: Are you a little worried about going on a first date? Do you feel embarrassed when you think back on the previous one? Perhaps you are unsure about what to do on a first date. You might not have any good first date tips. If so, you are not alone. Even in the era of Tinder and, few individuals still find dating to be simple and clear.

The good news is that you can avoid some of the more typical errors and fears with the ‌plan. It will be enjoyable to go on dates rather than something to fear.

A strategic framework known as the “blue ocean” approach aims to eliminate competition and establish an uncontested market area. But in addition to its use in business, it can be simply used in personal lives. 

The Eliminate-Reduce-Raise-Create (ERRC) grid, created by Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne, the writers of the international best-seller Blue Ocean Strategy, is the method we used to construct these first date tips advice. 

First Date Tips Help You ‌Fix Second Date

In order to create value, one must first identify their potential consumers (in this example, your date!) don’t value and then work to reduce or eliminate it while simultaneously enhancing or developing any potential value they may find valuable.

Utilize a blue ocean strategy when going on first dates to differentiate yourself from the crowd.

We like using the ERRC grid to analyze first dates. Here is the advice we came up with for first dates. Test your agreement.

Use these suggestions and your amazing first date will be more than an idea. You’ll be different from the other me-too-dates. These are great first date tips for all genders alike.

9 First Date Tips to Fix a Second Date, You Must Try!

Tips #1. Don’t get too involved.

First Date Tips Don't get too involved.

A first date with someone you know nothing or little about is full of uncertainties. Don’t complicate the situation by trying to plan the perfect romantic meal, or planning a full-day trip. Instead, keep things simple and easy. 

An espresso in the middle of the street can quickly reveal whether your date is one you’d want to get more acquainted with. If things go well, it may transform the coffee into a dinner or lunch and add some fun to the mix.

Tips #2. Don’t be stressed out.

Don't be stressed out on your first date

Anxiety is normal on an initial date. In fact, it’s a big part of the enjoyment. However, you’ll need to get rid of any anxiety that makes your date feel anxious and uncomfortable. Be aware that the more relaxed you are at ease, the more relaxed your date will feel with you. A simple first date tip is to be at an angle with your date, rather than looking at them directly. This will take the stress off trying to fill every pause of the conversation. Additionally, you can watch a little people-watching instead.

Tips #3. Stop messaging and meet in person.

Stop messaging and meet in person on your 1st date

The conversation could have started via an app or website, however it shouldn’t be there for long. Texting certainly gives you an impression of another person’s personality. However, in order to truly meet someone you must go beyond messages displayed on screens such as facial expressions or body language, as well as the accents are equally crucial. Don’t be wasting time with an online relationship. Go out and meet the people behind your words.

Tips #4. Plan some topics for your first date.

Plan some topics for your first date

You may wonder what you should prepare for your first date?

You wouldn’t attend an interview without having prepared beforehand and preparing beforehand, so why should a first date be different? Consider some great questions to consider asking, and also some interesting responses to questions that are asked of you. Do not treat your first date like an interview or you’ll send alarm bells.

What topics to discuss on the first date?

Here are some topics for first dates and conversation starters to aid in getting you started back on track:

  • Admit you’re nervous! Honesty can take you an extended way.
  • Your favorite food. Food is a topic that everyone can discuss and there’s always a tale to tell or intriguing questions about your favorite dishes, foods you love cooking or cooking.
  • Films that you love. As with eating, everybody has their own preferences for their favorite genres, actors and more. This is an excellent topic to establish quickly whether you share the same preferences for entertainment.

Keep in mind that great initial date-related questions are as important as their answers. Your goal should be less about the topics to discuss during a first date, rather than listening and making sure that the person you are talking to feels comfortable. In order to do that, stay clear of sensitive topics that involve sexuality or money. The question of what the other person earns or the reason their last relationship ended is not the best question to ask during a first date.

Tips #5. Increase your confidence

increase your confidence for your first date

People are drawn to confident people. Body language can be a powerful indicator that can tell your partner something about you. One method to increase the confidence of your date is to practice some ‘power poses beforehand. This involves sitting for a short period in a confident posture with your hands placed on the hips (think of an action figure) and so as to fool your brain into being more comfortable. Don’t do it during the date, otherwise you’ll look silly.

Tips #6. Make sure you are listening to your music

We all love talking about ourselves. But do not assume that your date finds yourself as fascinating as you are. Making your entire conversation about yourself conveys the wrong impression. However, it’s not possible to just turn off and leave the whole conversation to your date. It’s also an opportunity for failure. 

The key is to be attentive and then respond accordingly. For instance, when we write down a message and ask a follow-up inquiry, e.g., “So you’ve spent 3 months living in Argentina, what was the experience like?”

Tips #7. Make sure you make a good first impression

First impressions count. It takes only about a couple of seconds to form an opinion of you from your appearance and manner of speaking. One of the best ways to create an impression that is positive is by smiling. Smiles are the trait of people who are liked that show happiness, and it is a skill that can be learned. 

When you smile more it will not only help you feel better, but you’ll also be able to project positive energy onto the people surrounding you. It’s all about positive energy!

Make sure to dress appropriately and stay true to your personal style and dress according to the event. It’s not a good first date tips to go to a coffee shop with a suit, but also, you shouldn’t go to a cocktail event in shorts and a shirt.

First Date Tips #8. Be honest with yourself

Be honest with yourself

The 21st century of dating is often a contest, or perhaps it’s always been like that. We often judge our worth against what we consider being winning and, as a result, we seek to copy and learn from the actions of others instead of figuring out our own path.

However, dating shouldn’t be all about losers and winners. It’s about finding someone who you love and admire that brings you joy and you can make yourself happy by reciprocating. This is only possible if you are authentic to yourself and let your true self be seen through.

First Date Tips #9. Make sure you finish your first date with the proper follow-up

What do you do after that first time?

You felt like you had that you were connected, the conversation slowed down, and you shared many things that were the same. Terrific. What next? An effective first meeting can only be so good if you follow it up, so you have to arrange another appointment. You can immediately do this. However, it’s best not to put anyone on the spot.

What do you say after your first date?

Do you want to send a text message soon after ? Just to tell them what a fantastic moment you had and suggest a date and location for a future meeting. Don’t expect a quick answer, so don’t get impatient or else you’ll look desperate. Remember that if you came into that first encounter with a smile, a touch confident, as well as an eagerness to be heard, you’ve likely already distinguished yourself from the rest of the crowd.

The most important thing to remember is that the success of dating, just like in life, isn’t given to you on plates. When your date doesn’t go as planned out, do not let it bring you down. Instead, learn from your experience, be creative, and develop a new plan. Keep in mind that there are plenty of fish in the ocean. Actually, it’s a completely blue ocean in the sea.

With this prescient first date tips in mind, going out on an evening with someone will be easy!

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